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Congenital Bleeding Disorders: How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs

Congenital Bleeding Disorders: How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs

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About this course

Congenital bleeding disorders are relatively rare conditions that present variably in different age groups. When there is a high suspicion of a congenital bleeding disorder, screening tests can be done at the primary care level. However, several bleeding disorders are associated with normal routine screening tests, thus the persistence of symptoms should prompt a timely referral to a hematologist. This e-learning module summarizes the essentials in the identification and multidisciplinary care of patients with congenital bleeding disorders, particularly regarding preventive management to reduce the overall disease burden.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of congenital bleeding disorders
  • Recognize and manage congenital bleeding disorders

Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • Prevalence
  • When to suspect a congenital bleeding disorder
  • Basic screening tests for bleeding disorders
  • How to manage bleeding disorders
  • Summary
  • Key opinion leader’s perspective
Keywords: congenital bleeding disorders, hemophilia, platelet disorders, coagulation disorders
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