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Hematuria: Clinical Essentials

Hematuria: Clinical Essentials

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About this course

Hematuria is the excretion of an abnormal number of red blood cells in urine. It is frequently seen in the outpatient clinic and all potential causes must be assessed and evaluated to identify etiologies that will require further treatment. Significant hematuria may range from microscopic hematuria, defined as >3 RBC/HPF on 3 separate microscopic analyses, or gross hematuria, wherein the quantity of blood is large enough to color the urine red or brown. In conjunction with the patient’s signs and symptoms, significant hematuria will require further diagnostic evaluations to determine subsequent management and referral to a specialist.

This e-learning module aims to discuss the basics of hematuria, its common risk factors and causes, and the management approach and treatment of hematuria.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Review the basics of hematuria or bloody urine
  • Learn about diagnostic approach and differentials for hematuria
  • Understand the management approach to hematuria

Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • Identifying pertinent historical clues
  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Management approach

Speaker for this course:

Serah Kae Laquindanum-Mendoza, MD
Fellow, Philippine College of Physicians
Diplomate, Philippine Society of Nephrology
Keywords: hematuria, red blood cells in urine, treatment of hematuria

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