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Prevention against dengue: An innovative solution

Prevention against dengue: An innovative solution

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About this course

Given the increasing burden of dengue worldwide and limitations to vector control strategies, live-attenuated vaccines are key for dengue prevention. In this e-Learning module, Dr Karen Nadua discusses the burden of dengue, current control measures and associated challenges, and the latest evidence for live-attenuated dengue vaccines in development or licensed. Dr Nadua is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and a Clinical Assistant Professor at SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre for the Pediatrics Academic Clinical Programme.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this module, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the burden of dengue, especially pertaining to pediatric populations across Asia
  • Understand the limitations of vector control strategies
  • Distinguish the three key live-attenuated dengue vaccines in development or licensed

Topics covered

  • Dengue burden
  • Vector control and its limitations
  • Available efficacy, immunogenicity and safety data for CYD-TDV, TAK-003 and Butantan-DV

1 CME Point Available

  • Score at least 80% in the multiple-choice quiz.
  • A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion. Please use the information on the certificate to claim your CME points.

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