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Management of Cognitive Impairment: A Novel Evidence-based Approach

Management of Cognitive Impairment: A Novel Evidence-based Approach

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About this course

It is widely agreed that a multimodal approach that covers cognitive training, diet and exercise is the way to go for Dementia prevention. A/Prof Christopher Chen talks about the worldwide FINGER initiative and how it can be locally adapted, particularly in the local Singapore scene.

A key learning point is on diet and nutrition, being one of the risk factors of Alzheimer’s Dementia. From proof-of-concept studies to the latest data and findings in 2019, Dr Patrick Kamphuis sheds light on evidence databank of Fortasyn Connect, the patented nutrient combination found in Souvenaid, a drink specially formulated for the management of early Alzheimer’s Dementia.

The third segment of the course incorporates the practicalities and protocols of Dementia prevention; from an Asian perspective. Prof Vincent Mok shares on his personal experience in identifying prodromal AD using biomarkers, as well as discussing the usefulness of dietary interventions such as Souvenaid.

This course is suitable for all healthcare professionals who are involved or have a keen interest in understanding the nutritional approach in managing Cognitive Impairment, including Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Dementia.

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