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An Approach to Fever and Rash in Children

An Approach to Fever and Rash in Children

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About this course

Fever occurring with rash is a common presentation in children. It is important for pediatricians to distinguish between benign self-limiting causes versus potentially life-threatening causes. A thorough clinical assessment is often the key to establish the diagnosis and guide definitive management.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module, participating physicians will be able to:
  • Competently do a thorough clinical assessment of a child who presents with fever and rash
  • Come up with reasonable differentials for a child who presents with fever and rash, in particular, differentiate benign self-limiting causes from more severe or potentially life-threatening causes
  • Develop management plans for a child who presents with fever and rash, based on the most likely aetiology of fever and rash

Topics covered

  • Clinical assessment (history and physical examination) of a child with fever and rash
  • Common aetiologies of fever and rash in children
  • Comparison of rash morphologies and likely aetiologies
  • Management guidelines including when referral to dermatologist or rheumatologist is warranted

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