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The Global Burden of Migraine: Overcoming Challenges with Innovation

The Global Burden of Migraine: Overcoming Challenges with Innovation

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About this course

As of 2016, migraine has a global prevalence of 14.1%, but the prevalence and severity of this disease is often underestimated. Furthermore, stigma still surrounds migraine at work and in society in general, as it is viewed as a ‘common problem’, hindering patients from receiving the proper treatment.

In this online course, Professor Patricia Pozo-Rosich dives into epidemiology of migraine across the globe, including novel genes and biomarkers involved in the disease pathophysiology. Learn more about the prevalence and challenges of migraine, and how this disease affects individuals, families, work and society. Innovative solutions to increase public education on the burden of migraine and novel treatments available are also discussed, highlighting various strategies in managing and improving patients’ quality of life while decreasing disease and costs.

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