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Skin Cancer 101: A Guide for Primary Care Physicians

Skin Cancer 101: A Guide for Primary Care Physicians

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About this course

Skin cancer is one of the most common malignancies worldwide accounting for approximately 40% of all neoplasms among Caucasians. Although less prevalent among people of color, it portends a worse prognosis as diagnosis is often delayed when the cancer is already at an advanced stage. Thus, early detection and diagnosis is of vital importance.

This e-learning module provides a brief review on non-melanoma and melanoma types of skin cancer and their proper management approach.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Differentiate between benign and malignant skin tumors
  • Differentiate between melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer
  • Determine the appropriate management for patients presenting with melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers

Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • Different types of skin cancers
    • Non-melanoma
    • Melanoma
  • Evaluation and diagnostics
  • Therapeutics

Keywords: Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Non-melanoma

1 CME Point Available

A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the quiz. Please use the information on the certificate to claim your CME points.