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Sleep and Shift Work

Sleep and Shift Work

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About this course

Shift work is defined as any work schedule outside regular daytime hours. Sleep disorders and several other chronic health conditions are linked to shift work and even predispose the worker to traumatic workplace injuries. Managing these disorders remain to be a multidisciplinary approach and includes pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapeutic options. This e-learning module reviews sleep physiology, shift work and its associated conditions, and approach to management.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Define shift work and understand its effects on sleep physiology;
  • Describe the sleep disturbances that may arise from shift work; and
  • Understand general management approaches for patients dealing with shift work sleep disorder.

Topics covered

  • Definition: Sleep Work
  • Sleep Physiology
  • Sleep Disturbances in Shift Work
  • Sleep Disorders in Shift Work
  • Management Approaches
Keywords: Sleep Physiology, Sleep Disorders, Shift Work

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