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Prevention of Falls in The Older Person

Prevention of Falls in The Older Person

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About this course

Falls are considered as one of the common geriatric syndromes resulting in poor outcomes for older persons with an almost 50% mortality rate at 5 years. Fall risk assessment and screening, as well as identifying fall-risk-increasing drugs (FRIDs) can help reduce the incidence of falls in the elderly through primary prevention measures. This module provides a brief overview of epidemiology, risk factors and complications of falls. It also touches on fall risk assessment and screening and identifying FRIDs and its management.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, health care providers should be able to
  • To attain a comprehensive understanding of falls in the older person
  • To understand the unexpected outcomes of FRIDs
  • To realize the best possible methods to reduce the harms of FRIDs

Topics covered

  • Epidemiology, risk factors and complications of falls in older persons
  • Fall risk assessment and screening
  • Fall-risk-increasing drugs and its management
Keywords: falls, fall risk, fall risk assessment, prevention of falls, fall-risk-increasing drugs