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MIMS Education is the ultimate resource for healthcare professionals who want to upskill their clinical knowledge. With nearly 20 specialty topics and counting, you'll find relevant topics for your interests and clinical care learning needs from various specialized modules available on the platform. More modules are added every month, so you always have the latest content at your fingertips.


Access MIMS Education anytime, anywhere. At MIMS Education, we believe that learning should be easy and efficient, and that’s why our platform makes it accessible via the mobile app and website.

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When it comes to patient care, regional insights matters. We offer content discussing clinical cases with a key focus in Asia, to enable healthcare professionals offer relevant, data-backed solutions.

three doctors are looking at a tablet computer. three doctors are looking at a tablet computer.


MIMS has been the leading medical and pharmaceutical information organization across Asia for over 50 years, and its position in the field is powered by healthcare professionals across the region who have continuously supported our services in the field. Headquartered in Singapore, the organization's operations have exponentially scaled up, with offices in 17 different countries and regions. Being Asia’s leading multi-channel provider of trusted, empirical medical information, education, and knowledge, the commitment to consistently providing the tools that healthcare professionals across the region need to be equipped in their practice is always a top priority. With that mission in mind, MIMS Education has been served.

MIMS Education provides a bespoke curation of topics for healthcare professionals across varying fields and specialties, all carefully crafted by our dedicated team of medical writers. The platform’s expanding catalogue, ease, and accessibility are built on the promise to deliver the latest medical knowledge sought by users across Asia.

MIMS Education continues to prove to be one of best platforms to advance clinical skills for healthcare professionals.

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