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Diabetes Care: Putting Continuous Glucose Monitoring into practice

Diabetes Care: Putting Continuous Glucose Monitoring into practice

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About this course

The growing prevalence of diabetes has become a significant global health challenge. Although self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and measurement of glycated haemoglobin are being routinely used to assess glycaemic control, they provide insufficient insights in relation to hypoglycaemia and glycaemic variability. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an effective tool for both clinicians and people with diabetes to tackle these limitations. Time in Range is a key metric to overcome the workflow challenges arising from the shortcomings of SMBG and HbA1c, which can then help to improve consultations. In this e-learning module, Dr Eric Khoo highlights the role of CGM in improving glycaemic control and the importance of ambulatory glucose profile data to facilitate shared decision-making and improved patient engagement.

ADC-78214 v1.0

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