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Breathing is Life: A Primary Care Approach to Healthy Airways

Breathing is Life: A Primary Care Approach to Healthy Airways

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Course overview

In the realm of asthma management, primary care physicians play a key role in providing individualized and effective care for improved patient outcomes. Given the rapidly evolving asthma treatment landscape, this webinar aims to shed light on the current strategies and potential barriers to asthma management in Singapore.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss the significance and associated challenges of inhalational therapy in asthma care. Routine utilization of inhalational devices and associated critical errors in handling may significantly reduce drug delivery to the lungs and compromise the overall treatment efficacy. Newer therapeutic strategies such as budesonide formoterol have been found effective in promoting treatment adherence, overall patient satisfaction and are relatively easier to use. The significant role of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in choosing the appropriate inhalational device tailored to individual patient needs, for improved adherence and effective asthma control will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current asthma management practice in Singapore and discuss challenges in asthma management
  • Understand the significance of inhalational therapy and role of HCPs in asthma care
  • Discuss newer therapeutic strategies to overcome the identified barriers in asthma inhalation therapy

1 CME Point Available

  • Score at least 80% in the multiple-choice quiz.
  • A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion. Please use the information on the certificate to claim your CPD points.

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