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Strategies for the Management of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Adults

Strategies for the Management of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Adults

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About this course

Iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) is the world’s leading cause of anaemia affecting women more than men and increases in prevalence with age. Despite common availability of treatment options, there is apparent widespread underdiagnosis and undertreatment. This e-learning module summarizes the pathophysiology, aetiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and the essentials in management of patients with IDA.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the pathophysiology and aetiology of IDA
  • Outline conventional and novel therapies for IDA, including efficacy, routes of administration, and clinical appropriateness across multiple patient subsets and clinical severity levels

Topics covered

  • Pathophysiology and aetiology of IDA
  • Clinical manifestations of IDA
  • Diagnosis of IDA
  • Management algorithm for IDA in adults – establishing the cause
  • Specific treatment options – nutritional intervention, oral vs intravenous iron therapy

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